Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to you from Makeup University

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy happy Thanksgiving!
I have so much to be thankful for!

My Mancub! My family! My health! My cats! My home! My travel that the family has done this year! The opportunities that I've had this year and that are coming up in the next few moths!

And I am thankful for you my Makeup University readers, contributors and supporters.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations and remember to love on each other!

Now, one more thing before you go, would you please take a moment and pray specifically for military marriages?

I ask for you to join in prayer for the husbands and wives of the United States of America military because as we are all sitting around the table over eating with our family, many of the husbands in the USA military are on duty right now protecting us as we sit here and indulge.

There is a military bride making a Thanksgiving dinner for her family while her husband is in a foreign country eating an MRE while she explains to the kids that Dad is doing his job, his duty and defending this country.

It could even be the reverse, that Dad is doing his best to put a turkey on the table for the family at Thanksgiving and Mom is overseas doing her best in her uniform as a soldier for the United States of America.

Please pray now, for the unity of their marriage, for the strength and courage of their covenant to withstand this holiday season with blessings and not cursings.

I thank you deeply for praying for the soldiers of the United States military and today, specifically for their marriages and family. Thank you!

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