Saturday, November 22, 2014

12 Days of Gifts and Giving with Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Sugar-perfect for baking gifts

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh the fun of holiday baking. No wonder we gain a few extra pounds around the holidays!
 Today for the 12 Days of Gifts and Giving with Makeup University I have an item that the whole family can enjoy together. Meet the Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Sugar.

I love to cook and bake and today I am making fresh homemade pretzels with a Nielsen- Massey Vanilla Sugar topping!

Only the best vanilla from the island of Madagascar is intense enough for Nielsen-Massey, purveyor of premium pure vanilla products since 1907. Long the choice of bakers and ice-cream makers, this vanilla adds depth and flavor no other vanilla can match.
  • Rich, intensely flavored extract is made from select vanilla pods in an exclusive cold-process method; available in 4-oz. and 8-oz. bottles.
  • Vanilla beans are whole 7" pods, each equivalent to approximately 1 tablespoon of extract; two pods per jar.
  • Pure vanilla paste is convenient to use and infuses baked goods and ice cream with flavorful flecks of vanilla bean seeds; 4 oz.
  • Vanilla sugar blends the finest-quality baker's sugar with a hint of vanilla – delicious in coffee or sprinkled atop baked goods; 8.5 oz.
  • Whole beans imported from Madagascar.
  • All other products made in USA with imported ingredients.
This sugar is $18.95 from Williams and Sonoma, Jones and Bones, Sur la Table or Sysco and comes in a 8.5 oz jar.

These are homemade pretzels and they are topped with the Nielsen Massi Vanilla Sugar-so perfect!

The jar is gorgeous, the sugar is flavorful and it's a great gift to give and to get!

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