Saturday, January 10, 2015

Back blogging and #BEMore

Hi ya Gorgeous,
If you saw the January 19th post, then you know, why this is a 'back' blog and not a live blog.

In short, life happened fast and furious and for the first time in nine years I was not able to keep up with the daily posts.

But to be true to the nature of my blog being a daily blog, I'm going back to 'back' blog the stories that were happening at the time of my not being able to post.

I had been busy at the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale. Enough said.
What helped me every day, was reading Sandi Krakowski's book, #BeMore on my lunch break.

I find her write so simple and encouraging. Powerful. Love that she keeps it short and to the point!

 Now, at first glance, she's gorgeous and that smile is infectious with joy. But look deeper. Read deeper in the book.
There is so much encouragement and many, many levels of wisdom in her writing.  I love it. It's like manna. From one encouraging woman to another-I love what she has to say.

So, get yourself a copy of the Be More book, and quickly turn to page 11, Secret #10
"Don't let them get you down".


I say that all that time. It was refreshing to read it and encourage myself with it.
See, sometimes when you work with the public, alot. It makes you not like the public, a little.

So I saw that I just checked in to a deeper level of grace for the gig and held fast to the word to not let them get me down.

Hurt people hurt others to alleviate the hurt. Got it.

So going forward with good intentions ,and remember, "don't let them get you down"!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!