Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scunci 18 piece hair tie set for those post party needs

So the Super Bowl is a day away, and Gorgeous, I'm here to help you.
There is a very strong chance that you are goiing to imbibe, and perhaps, over indulge in said imbibing and things are gonna get messy.

 Enter Scunci...

Now forgive me for not being able to find the double dots key on my laptop, though it is missing an I,let alone a pair of dots.

This beautiful gift set is perfect for gift giving to friends or yourself. And your gonna need it if you have over indulged at the Super Bowl party and now need to visit the white thrown for a short prayer and soon to follow offering of everything you just consumed in the past four hours.

The Scunci brand is known for it's excellence in hair ties and hair styling accessories that are affordable, functional, durable and fun!

I totally want to try the Scunci Hollywood Roll accessory for making a glamorous updo in a matter of minutes!

Easy peasy!

Now back to this beautiful 18 piece collection of Scunci hair ties that will not make a bend in your hair when you hold it in a pony or pair of pigs with 'em.

I love the polka dot one, and wish there were more of them in the collection!

For now, find your favorite Scunci products here! Remember to pack a hair tie with you for your post-Super Bowl-post Waste Management Open needs!

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