Wednesday, January 7, 2015

People's Choice Awards tonight on CBS 8/9 central

Happy Hump Day Gorgeous!
Whoa- this new year is flying by! It's already the 7th of January! And hump day at that!

Tonight on CBS is the People's Choice Awards which officially kicks off that award show season. Sure there was that whole Hollywood Film Awards thingy a month or so back, but this is the new year. Time for a new kick off!

So say hello to CBS show Scorpion star Katherine McPhee. And these banging bangs!

 Photo credit CBS/Getty Kevin Winter

Sure you may remember her from the American Idol show, but there is more to this gal than just singing. She has been in several tv shows, some with singing and some without. Her character on Scorpion is that of a mom with a son who is a genius. Enough said there, you will have to watch the show to find out more.

But let's talk about her style and what we may see on the red carpet tonight. Those bangs.

I personally, always wrestle with the 'bangs or no bangs' question. When I have them I hate them and when I don't, I want them.

That's why I am doing a quick revisit to the snap in bangs trend. Get these easy to use hair extension bangs in a color that matches or highlights your hair.

The secret to applying is to put the two combs along the hairline first. THEN stretch the top single hair comb back towards the crown of your head and secure. Easy peasy.

How about you? Would you wear bangs on the red carpet?

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