Friday, January 30, 2015

TRESemme for Super Bowl & Waste Mangement Open hair

TGIF Gorgeous!
Are you ready for some football! I'm in Glendale getting ready for the game. *sigh*

So I'm starting early and wrapping late and somehow have to look nice through out the entire day?

 Enter some hair styling goodies from TRESemme!

On freshly shampooed hair I layer in the TRESemme Youth Boost serum. This is a new product, the one with the purple nozzle, and it's used on wet or dry hair to increase volume and help with signs of aging hair. Details on this at the bottom of the post.

I let that set up a bit in my hair while I did my makeup. Then I applied the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray before blow drying and curling my hair.

 Now that the hair is straight so I can go back in and put some big waves in it, I hose it all down with the new TRESemme Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hold hairspray. This is the shining star of the post!

 I love it! It comes out of the can with a decent amount of pressure. I covered all of my curls. Let them set and cool with the hair spray on them and then used my fingers to shake it all loose.

So it's true. My curls and style held all day and the hair remained touchable and moveable. Love it! What I really love is, this TRESemme new natural movement hairspray behaves like a different brand that costs twice as much!

TRESemme Expert Selections Youth Boost  $6.99
Now treat the first signs of aging hair* - lack of body, dryness and dullness - with TRESemmé YOUTH BOOST. This expert selection has been designed to recharge your hair with youthful fullness, softness and shine.
New TRESemmé YOUTH BOOST contains a combination of patented technologies, Omega 3 and Antioxidants, known for their anti-aging properties. This range has been specifically formulated to be used as a three stage system to deliver a salon quality end result that leaves hair looking soft, shiny and full of volume.
The cuttting edge YOUTH BOOST Emulsion Spray has been designed to create 2x thicker, fuller looking hair
• Bring youthful fullness following TRESemmé YOUTH BOOST Shampoo and Conditioner
• Instantly lifts hair from the root while maintaining natural movement
• Creates body into fine hair
• In case of increased dryness and dullness, follow up with TRESemmé YOUTH BOOST Shine Lotion
• In case of increased lack of body, follow up with TRESemmé YOUTH BOOST Flexi Bounce Mousse
*As your hair ages, hair follicles become smaller and less symmetrical, leading to a loss of hair volume and a more frizzy appearance, along with a reduction of the lipid oil production resulting in an increase in hair dullness, thinness and dryness.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave In Spray $5.79

This heat protection spray stands up to flat irons and curling irons by guarding against heat and friction, leaving hair shiny and enviably soft.

TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done hairsprya $6.99

TRESemme is available at mass retailers and drustores nationwide as well as online!

Now-this whole story started with the CBS People's Choice Awards! Details below!

Rock Portia de Rossi’s red carpet style this weekend with texturized waves created by TRESemmé Celebrity Stylist John D. She stunned on the red carpet this week in an electric blue jumpsuit by Zuhair Murad. John D. complemented her look with playful, fun waves that framed her face.

To get the look:
  1. Apply TRESemmé Youth Boost Youthful Fullness Emulsion Spray directly on roots of towel-dried hair and blow-dry using a round bristle brush.
  2. Spritz TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray on dry hair to protect from excess heat damage. Create an “S” wave by bending hair over and under a flat iron from roots to ends.
  3. Once cool, run fingertips through hair to loosen the waves and adjust hair to compliment the face. Complete look with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray to lock in the style and leave hair touchably soft!  
  • TRESemmé Youth Boost Youthful Fullness Emulsion Spray (SRP: $6.99)
  • TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray (SRP: $4.99)
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray (SRP: $6.99)

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