Thursday, January 8, 2015

My BB & CC Cushion Creme Graveyard

Hello Gorgeous!
I love advancements in technology and especially beauty technology. Enter the BB and CC Cushion Creme craze.

 I must admit, I love the finish of the applied product and they all have a very high spf. Plus the compact doesn't spill and it's easy to carry in my purse for touch ups.

 But, there is just one thing. I have tried all of these, loved all of these but just can't commit to the lengthy application process.

If you know of a short cut on how to apply the BB or CC Cushion creme foundation quickly, please by all means, holler out!
In my experience, the best look comes from using two fingers on the sponge pad, and then dabbing/dotting the product on to the face and blending a bit. Now, move to the next wee inch of face and repeat the process.

Time consuming. Sure, the finished product is amazing...but the time!

I've tried using a foundation brush to make the process go a little faster and to no avail.

So before I give up on the BB and CC Cushion craze, let me know if there is a faster way to apply!

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