Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lance Wallnau: As One!

Oh sweet Gorgoues!
The back blogging continues and I'm loving what I am sharing. I sure hope it's a blessing to you too!
So one of my favorite teachers is Lance Wallnau. There is something fresh and encouraging in his teachings and it's so relevant to the everyday work world.

I'm not a big facebooker, but-his best updates are on the facebook. So log in and look him up and enjoy the  encouragement. Below I have posted something that is truth for all of us!

"Forgiveness on your end does not mean God will not deal with things on His end. If anything, forgiveness on your end releases the thing into God's hands. I have often felt that unresolved forgiveness issues in me have delayed God from doing what He wanted to do to help sort out the situation or adjust the other person!"

Here's a worthy thought from Rick Renner:
"IF SOMEONE DELIBERATELY... sows bad seeds in our “garden” in an effort to hurt or destroy us, God will deal with them. But if we know bad seed is sown in our hearts and we just ignore it, allowing it to take root and grow unchecked, God will deal with us. We can’t answer for the actions of other people, but we will answer for our inward responses to what others have done to us."
And as the Lance crowd would say at the end of a meeting or visit,
"As one!"

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