Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Earth to Echo: my family's review of this movie

Dear Gorgeous,
As the back blogging continues, I have this movie review to share that my family watched and I had been meaning to share with you. Earth to Echo- a movie review.

In short-it's a good bad movie. It reminded me of The Blair Witch Project due to the shaky camera.
It also introduces the selfie made movie. What I mean is that there is a lot of footage that the main characters make themselves that is woven into the movie story line.

Overall, my family, especially the nine year old boy, liked the movie. That's what is important to me.
It has a bar scene and no cussing, a lil bit of inuendo and some fibbing to parents about where they are really going on their last night together.

My son and I talked about what it means to not be truthful to parents, using potty talk, and not going into bars.

So the bad stuff really wasn't that bad in my family values book and any concerns were addressed.

I rented this movie from Redbox on a free coupon. So for the price, it provided just the right amount of entertainment.

If you read reviews of this movie online, it got some really stinkers for reports and there is so much comparison to E.T. and other beloved kids movies-like, The Goonies.

I too love those movies. Though  I looked at Earth to Echo with fresh eyes as I watched with my son whose eyes have not seen E.T. or The Goonies yet.

If you have young boys in the house, and even a girl, I think you will like the movie.

After all, it was refreshing to find a kids movie that did not have graphic violence, overt sexual scenes and cussing.

Quid pro quo: what is your family's favorite movie?
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