Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Daily Word vs Daily Horoscope and Doug Addison

Dear Gorgeous,
Whoa-this back blogging stuff is fun! My type A personality can not leave a gap in the timeline. The beauty product review stories I had not had a chance to write and post are going up this week. So that leaves me with an uncomfortable silence in my blog timeline.

It's pretty refreshing to take this time and write about the sideways thoughts and things that are part of my daily life.

Like, the daily word. Or, the daily bread.

Yes, word.

Not horoscope. There's a difference. It's a wee and subtle difference that can be profound.

Where as I pray and search my Bible each morning for the "daily" word from God and what he would have me be about for the day, I also like checking in with some favorite ministers and what's going on with them. Just to see if things are lining up in the Spirit-as they usually do.

I check in with Sandi Krakowski, Kim Clement, Doug Addison, Lance Wallnau and my pastor Chuck Pierce.

So, to share with you a quick and easy resource that may benefit you too, check out Doug Addison and the daily word.

Daily Prophetic

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