Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter tan with Fake Bake Dry Skin Tanning Butter

Ok Gorgeous,
Whether you are going to the Super Bowl in Glendale, Waste Management Open in Scottsdale or just out and about in this warm winter weather, a tan on the gams is a good idea.

Enter, Fake Bake Tanning Butter For Dry Skin!

The wee box comes with every thing you need to have a great application experience. Personally, I would exfoliate the skin prior to applying a tanning creme so there are no rough edges.

 The Fake Bake Tanning Butter For Dry Skin smells amazing! It goes on smooth and it's hydrating to the skin, and dries quickly. So my legs are tanned and ready for the Super Bowl. Question is, am I?

Here's a wee video from the Fake Bake channel to help show you how to use it! Buy online from the Fake Bake website for $21.00 or find at your favorite beauty store. Enjoy!

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