Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back Blogging: Kim Clement for encouragement

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
I'm really enjoying the back blogging experience. I expect to not ever have another gap like that in my blogging.
In fact, I'm thinking I'm going to write the blog through the end of year ten and then hang it up. But we shall see.

Now today, what I want to share is the beautiful concert pianist turned encourager in the Word of God, Kim Clement.

Below is a word from him and a link to his website where you can tune in to his webcasts and playing. You can also visit his events live in Camarillo. I plan to go out next month for the Den.


Jan 14th, 2015
A Moment with Me in My Garden

From time to time, God separates me to pray and to listen. Now in the middle of January, I am in my garden and so much is being revealed to me. I had a dream last night of a huge house and property, and for a while I was lost in this house and had to ask for directions to the main living area. The dream contained a promise regarding property and freedom. I will share this today from my Garden on our Prophetic Workshop.
The other thing that I heard, and it was clear to me, which I will also share today, is about the death of certain leaders. I heard these words, “There has to be the death of certain leaders before I can release on the earth a portion of my Glory and Presence stored up for this time.” Today I will begin sharing this but will complete this revelation on Saturday. So it’s an interesting week and you don’t want to miss today’s special time with me as I minister to you from my sacred garden.

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