Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday: the Men's Edition of the Makeup University Holiday Gift Guide

Hi ya Gorgeous! Black Friday is here...I'm at home doing about you?

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And in other news....

This edition of the 2015 Makeup University Holiday Gift Guide was filmed at IpsyOS exclusively for you!

I think gift giving for guys can be the easiest and most fun; challenge is, giving motorcycles, Shimano rods and flight lessons can stretch the budget!

So today I have some $100 and under gift ideas and in fact some can even be in the $25 range for the tighter budget and still make memories and spread some love and cheer over the holidays!

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Products featured in the video:
Prada Luna Rossie men fragrance
Road & Track magazine
Time magazine
KT Tape
Rock n Roll marathon
Green Goo First Aid

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