Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OOTD boots and a review of Rodan+Fields skincare

Hi ya Gorgeous!

I love November. Why? Because almost every day can be a boot day! I just got these and quasi like them. I have been wanting the quilted style boot for some time now, and came across these.

What do you think? I also "accidentally" got a new bag to go with them too. I was at IpsyOS and there is a Salvation Army thrift store around the corner from the studio. I love a thrift store. So while rootin' around in there, I came across this funky bag and brought it home! Love! This is my OOTD contribution!

Now let's talk Rodan+Fields. They are the makers of Proactiv skincare and have a direct sales line of their products. Special thanks to Brooke Sherman for sharing the line with me. 

Out of all the samples Brooke shared, this is the one I liked the most. The Redefine for expression lines.

 My second favorite product is the Glow scrubby paste. I love anything gritty textured and microdermabrasion'y and this product is definitely like that!

 Hmm. Now, here is where I got lost. There are a few tubs numbered and I did use them, and I did like them, I just don't know what they are?

 The Rodan+Fields products have a great reputation built through Proactiv and I can see from my limited experience with this skincare that they have an excellent product. You can purchase these alone, in a skincare system, become a PC for a discount or build a business out of the Rodan+Fields opportunity.

Thank you Brooke Sherman for sharing with me and if you like what you see, contact Brooke directly!

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