Friday, November 6, 2015

How to create your Fall and holiday looks with Essence Cosmetics

TGIF Beauty!
Oh, I am home from a busy week at SEMA in Las Vegas

 These are the looks I took with me from Essence Cosmetics.
These makeup boxes are so perfect for the beauty lover on your holiday gift list!

Let's meet 'em!

There are several Essence Cosmetics "make-up boxes" to choose from. I think these makeup boxes are perfect for the first timer in makeup due to the easy to follow instruction booklet underneath the mirror.

This is the Essence Cosmetics "How to make NUDE eyes" and it's about $9.99 and can be found at Ulta Beauty. I think this is one of my favorite boxes for the color of the shadows. The shadows have a nice load of pigment.

 This is the "how to make SMOKEY eyes" makeup box and it has a beautiful selection of greys for a pretty and easy to create smokey eye-from a daytime smokey to a night time smokey!

 This box is a bit weird and perhaps for a much younger makeup wearer, it's the "How to make BRIGHT eyes" makeup box. It's very pink and shiny.

 This is THE box to get for anyone on your holiday list who wears makeup: it's the "How to make BROWS wow makeup box and it's got a great assortment of brow shadow and brow tools. It's a one stop shop for amazing brows!
 This little kit of shadows is the "All About Chocolates" eyeshadow palette and for being called chocolate, the shadows are not a warm brown, but a very cool tone brown and more grey'ish to green in my opinion. The colors are pretty, have a low pigment load, and just not very brown. So, get these because the shadows make a nice look, but are not particularly "brown".

 These gel polishes from Essence have great color, wear and staying power BUT remove fairly easily with regular nail polish remover. The colors I have are part end of summer fun and part "get ready for a party"! I like these and the price point makes them easier to mix up your manicures for the upcoming holiday season.

 Oh. This lipstick from Essence in "Cool Nude' is the must have color for your Fall beauty looks. Why? Because the tone is so universal. If you add a darker liner, the color will blend in, if you use no liner, it looks super natural, if you mix a warm red liner with it you get a great full red lip look.  The price is right too!

Essence Cosmetics makes for a great way to update your Fall and holiday looks while still staying in budget since so many of the products are under $10!
Get some!

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