Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jeffery James Botanicals skincare Black Friday deals for you!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Here are some upcoming Black Friday specials for you!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Exclusively Available Starting Black Friday
Perfect for the skincare savant, the green guru, the newbie to beauty or even for your yourself, Jeffery James Botanicals combines sophisticated natural skincare with science, creating a truly deluxe, organic experience.

Sophisticated in its simplicity, powerful in its purity, and effective for every skin type, Jeffery James Botanicals is bringing exclusive skincare to your door with the kickoff their new VIP monthly subscription box for $39.95 and free shipping.

To celebrate this new service, Jeffrey James Botanicals is offering a $10 discount for a limited time, too. Starting Friday, November 27th, save over 85% when you purchase the Jeffrey James Botanicals’ FIRST VIP Subscription box for $29.95 and receive free shipping.

The discounted subscription box will be available Friday, November 27th through Tuesday, December 1st via Limited quantity available. Subscription can be cancelled anytime. 

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