Thursday, November 5, 2015

Curel: the cure for winter itchy skin

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Well then! Winter in Arizona is here. Weird. It went from really hot to really cold and very windy in a matter of one day. Like Fall, literally lasted, a few hours.
So goes the desert.

So today I share the new Curel spray lotion because with weather change, comes skin change. Primarily, dry, itchy, winter skin.

Curel is one of the best brands for healing dry, itchy skin and now you can easily apply this lotion to yourself and your kids with the spray applicator.

 I have a hard time getting my son to put lotion on, even though he is dry and itching! So with this, I just hose it on him while he is not suspecting a lotion application.

Truth, once it's on, and settles into his skin and the itch goes away, he likes it. It just seems to be the process of getting the product on him!

Get your Curel, in spray form or regular pump at your local mass retailer like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS!

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