Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to use the Pur Minerals Cameo Contour Stick video

Hello Gorgeous,

Well, it's pack and get ready for IpsyOS day! Woo hoo!
Now, this video went live yesterday on the Makeup University YouTube channel and now it's time to spread the love!

This is me at the Kid Rock concert before going to my gate for the race!

Enjoy the review of Pur Minerals Cameo Contour stick just $39.50 at Ulta or online at Pur

Oh yeah, you would think that I would have remembered to take an after picture with the full face of makeup on, but no. No, I didn't. I was too concerned with getting packed and on the road to Vegas for the Rock N Roll marathon.


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Then...stay tuned because later this week the Makeup University Holiday Gift Guide will go live!

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