Thursday, November 19, 2015

That time I fell 30 feet training for a marathon: Scar Away sheets helped the aftermath

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Well, while you are enjoying this blog post, I am in Santa Monica at the Ipsy OS studio creating some new videos for you and in particular...the much anticipated, highly sought after Makeup University Holiday Gift Guide! Woo hoo!

In the meantime, let's talk...Scar Away silicone sheets to heal scars.

 This post is very timely and apropo because I just finished running the Las Vegas Rock n Roll marathon, injured. Yep. I have an old horse back riding injury on my neck that has never quite healed right.

 I run most days, some short, some far. Thank God for the church of Long Run Sundays. I was out on a mountain path in the far reaches of desert behind my house, and as I was running, the shale base of the mountain trail gave out beneath me and I fell about 30-40 feet down the mountain on my face, neck, belly and leg. I caught the edge of a rock and cactus before I went over the edge and that action saved me from hitting the boulders below.

I was hurt. I had to run the 6 miles back home, all banged and scraped up! My right calf muscle was really bloody and scabbed over, then scarred. I used these Scar Away sheets to lighten the scar and it's very faint now. Though, I wish I had a photo of the "before" look because it was awful!

Thank you Scar Away for a painless and convenient way to heal an ugly scar!

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets effectively shrink, flatten and fade hypertrophic (raised) and keloid scars. Using Advanced Patented Silicone Technology, previously available only through hospitals, burn centers and plastic surgeons, this medical-grade scar treatment product brings you the ultimate in non-invasive, drug-free scar treatment.

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