Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday sale on DiY Bridal Makeup

Hi ya Gorgeous!

In honor of all things Black Friday and sales, here is the Amazon link to get your copy of my book to help the brides who would rather spend their money on cake!

Top Ten Reason Why You Should Do Your Own Wedding Day Makeup!

10. One less trial appointment to make & pay for with the makeup artist

9. You already own most of what you will need that day

8. The technique for pro application is simple to learn and can be re-used in your daily life

7. Because having a fun makeup learning party with your bridal attendants is one more memory making opportunity to create around your wedding

6. You will be saving more money and friendships by not asking the bridal attendants to pay for their makeup to be professionally done so it’s uniform with yours in the photos

5. Finding your signature lipstick is something you will use again and again, from anniversary to anniversary

4. The pro makeup technique you learn in the course can be applied to your groom so he looks amazing in the photos

3. Practicing the Do It Yourself Bridal makeup technique with your soon to be mother in law is a bonding experience and the beginning of a beautiful relattionship

2. If the makeup artist doesn’t show up on your wedding day…you already learned how to do it yourself

and…the number one reason why you should do your own bridal makeup is… you can spend the money on cake!
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