Saturday, November 14, 2015

DDF: how to help clean your skin to ready for the Korean secret

Holla Beauty!
 So I am reading the best skin care book-yes-skin care book about a young Korean girl from Southern California who moves to Korea to work in a marketing firm. Her adventures there taught her everything she and I need to know about how to achieve amazing, dewy, healthy glowing skin! I'm loving the book and the review is coming soon.

In the meantime, I've been using and obsessing over the DDF cleanser I received. I LOVE the DDF Glycolic toner, and this mild cleanser is amazing for removing long wearing foundation.

BUT-I have to admit, once I started doing the two step Korean cleansing process of first using an oil based cleanser and then my DDF "clearing" cleanser, I am so happy with the health of my skin!

So here's a bit about DDF...

A combination of ultra-pure glycolic acid blended with skin conditioners to sweep away dirt and debris. Minimizes appearance of fine lines and look of pores while increasing overall skin radiance. pH balanced.
  • Visibly minimizes look of fine lines
  • Purifies deep down to the pore
  • Smoothes skin's texture
I'm using it-I love it! This cleanser can get your skin holiday photo ready! $39.00 and available at Ulta Beauty, Lovely Skin and DermStore.

Try some!

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