Saturday, May 2, 2015

Glade Clean Linen scent Automatic Spray & Candle: just what a Mom needs!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
There is so much going on today! I'm at an event for Dove and iMom. Though, there is also the Kentucky Derby going on, as well as the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.

Oh, and the Duchess of Cambridge also just gave birth to a baby girl.

Let's just say, this day is busy! It's also #Caturday on Instagram! Abednego is on Insta via my @Cherelynn

But not too busy to get a review in! Here's the low down on a great Mother's Day gift: Glade home fragrance. Yup. Makeup University has entered the realm of home decor and fragrance. I do love my fragrances, so this Clean Linen scent fit right into my home full of kid, cats and dog!

 I received  promotional blog samples in the form of 1 Automatic Spray unit and one candle.

 Both are in the Clean Linen scent! Here are some video reviews too so you can see the products in action.
Prepare yourself for the "unboxing"!

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