Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What is your pocket fragrance for Generation Beauty at LA Live this weekend?

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Well the packing strategy has begun and though I have my new Versace to take for my fragrance-I need a pocket fragrance.
Something to take the edge off of an early morning and long day mixed with warm weather and lots of meetshops.

So I'm going to pack 0.2 or in other words 0point2.

Get it? Learn more here...

I'm super surprised that out of the 25 brands represented at the 2015 Generation Beauty event sponsored by Ipsy-there is not 1 fragrance! Not one scent brand! Sure, there is everything hair, makeup and some

In my humble opinion, fragrance is the ultimate accessory and I love perfume!

So enjoy these notes about 0.2, the parfum purse size spray is $40 and a must for the upcoming busy summer season! Get some!

The fun and curious thing about this scent is that it is described as being a fragrance of "destiny". Well, that sits well with me!
P.S. When I think of fragrance, this is what I feel like: as Gollum would say to the ring I say-"be my precious" to the parfum!

0.2 is more than a fragrance – it is an experience, a moment in time.  To capture that first glance, that first rush, that first moment when eyes lock and passion ignites.  For men, for women, 0.2 is a fragrance for us all.
Top notes of Italian Bergamot and Spearmint introduce you to a fresh musk accord that is both clean yet earthy.  Notes of White Amber, French Vanilla, and Tunisian Amber are grounded by a hint of Oakmoss to keep you in that moment, and take you deeper.

Now, enjoy this video with Holly Riddell the creator of this parfum!

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