Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IT Cosmetics pairs with Those Secrets We Keep author Emily Liebert- alert-summer reading program coming at ya!

Hello Gorgeous!
To kick off the summer reading challenge with Makeup University I want to highlight this new book from Emily Liebert and her partnership with IT Cosmetics.

The mind that reads is the mind that leads! Join me and Makeup University and the summer reading challenge that starts the last week of May on Memorial Day, May 25th.

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Starting May 25th and running through August 7th 2015 is the Summer Reading Challenge with Makeup University!

Read something each week and comment and share your thoughts on what your reading here on the blog. At the end of each week, a random commenter will receive a free book via Amazon to keep you reading!

One lucky reader/commenter who is consistent in reading over the summer will get a beaut bonanza gift at the end of the summer.
The reading contest is open to anyone 13 years of age or older who has a parent/guardian permission can comment to win!

So get reading!

Now let's learn about "Those Secrets We Keep" from Emily Liebert.

From the author of You Knew Me When and When We Fall

Three women. Three lives. Three secrets.

On the surface, Sloane has the perfect life—an adoring husband, a precocious daughter, and enough financial security to be a stay-at-home mom. Still, she can’t help but feel as though something—or someone—is missing....

Hillary has a successful career and a solid marriage. The only problem is her inability to conceive. And there’s a very specific reason why....

As the wild-child daughter of old family money, Georgina has never had to accept responsibility for anything. So when she realizes an unexpected life change could tie her down forever, she does exactly what she’s always done: escape.

When these three women unite for a three-week-long summer vacation in beautiful Lake George, New York, even with the idyllic location as their backdrop, the tensions begin to mount. And they quickly discover that no secret can be kept forever....

IT Cosmetics has partnered with 3 of their best products! The mascara is amazing!

The products: Mini Hello Lashes (clinically proven 5-in-1 mascara), Mini No Tug Black (waterproof gel eyeliner), and Mini Brow Power (universal eyebrow pencil), are essential eyewear for your summer getaway and they come in a chic black make-up bag. The novel, THOSE SECRETS WE KEEP, is the must-read page-turner of the season. Together, every woman’s tote will be complete for summer.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with ITCosmetics on a set of products tied to the launch of THOSE SECRETS WE KEEP. I’ve had nice success in the past collaborating with brands that organically complement my novels. IT is the perfect partner for this new book because their products are a woman’s best kept beauty secret and my book is all about the secrets women keep.” Emily Liebert
 I have used the eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara and I must say, the mascara is one of the best I have ever tried! I do really like the eyebrow pencil and eye liner. Here's what they look like on!

 Stay reading as the summer comes upon us and pick up a copy of Those Secrets We Keep and the IT Cosmetics 3 piece tote!

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