Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day: time to cover the grey at a moment's notice? Touchback has you covered

Well hello Gorgeous!

Mother's Day is nearly here! Have you planned an event or celebration for her?

If you are busy with end of the school year testing, summer camp planning, work, life, cleaning, oh and by the way, a Mother's Day celebration and you have not had time to get to the salon, try Touchback,

I have tried a few of their products lately, namely the shampoo and conditioner that adds a temporary boost of color to your hair.

If even washing your hair is too much, try these two instant rub on concoctions to cover the grey fast!

There are two different types of Touchback products to color grey hair instantly: one is like a marker and one is like a doe foot wand.

 Starting with the marker version of Touchback, this photo shows everything in the kit that sells for $24.95.

 I have dry hair, that is one day dirty, and a little bit of styling product in my hair.

 I lift up a little bit of the parted hair, and use the marker to make light strokes on the hair without touching the scalp so there is not a big brown streak there.

This is a finished application of the Touchback marker. What do you think?

 Now let's look at the Touchback Color Mark wand.

 This photo shows what is in the box and what you need to apply the product.

 The Color Mark wand is very liquidy and has a lot of pigment. Be careful not to get on your skin.
I lift up a little bit of hair from the root, using the buffer shield, I apply the wand of dark brown onto my hair.

 Here is the finished application. It makes the hair quite wet. The Color Mark wand definitely does a good job of covering the grey!

Both of these products are Allure beauty winners, Cosmetic Innovator winners and CEW beauty winner.
If you need something quick, think Touchback Quik color marker or Color Mark wand!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!