Monday, May 4, 2015

Met Gala 2015: modest is hottest! M.Micallef Ananda Dolce & Healthy Hair Nutrition get you red carpet ready

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
There is so much going on in the month of May. Maybe it's because it's my birthday month?

Or, maybe it's because the best weather happens in May?

Met Gala is going on-right now. As the red carpet images are coming out-my opinion is, that the modest dresses are the hottest!

Like these beautiful ladies!

 Since today is primarily Intergalactic celebration of #StarWars day, or #MayTheFourthBeWithYou, Anne Hathaway showed up wearing a very Princess Leia like hood.

 Gabrielle Union is glowing in the Pantone color of Marsala.

 Ivanka Trump came in alot of dress. I'm a fan of the bigger the dress the better-lots of flouncy, flowy, ball gown'y fabric please!

 This is Solange Knowles, no word yet on if she is going to throw a smack down on JayZ again. No need to. She took a risk in this avant garde art piece and I think it works for the Met Gala theme of Chinese fashion.

Now, let's talk some  red carpet looks!

I see really understated and muted toned makeup. Which I think let's the fashion shine. Lips are mostly neutral, with smudgy liner and dewy skin.

Hair is either in the half down top knot, or loose low nape buns.

Something that can help get hair in red carpet ready condition is the SG Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition conditioning cleanser for severely dry hair.

Many shampoos on the market contain harsh sulfates and cleansing detergents that excessively strip hair of its natural moisture and color. Healthy Hair Nutrition is sulfate-free and paraben-free, formulated with 5 natural botanical extracts that soothe and repair damaged hair.

Other similar products simply coat hair with glycerin without removing any oil or dirt, leaving hair feeling greasy and flat. Healthy Hair Nutrition contains Lauryl Glucoside, a 100% plant-based ingredient made from coconut oil and sugar that gently cleanses and conditions every last strand, leaving hair full of body and bounce.

Available at CVS, Walgreens and Walmarts nationwide.

The must have accessory for any occasion; prom, graduation, Mother's Day celebration or Met Gala is a fragrance. Not just any ol' perfume, but one that is hand crafted and created by a skilled nose.

Like M. Micallef Ananda Dolce.

The new fragrance was presented in February 2015, and its name is Ananda Dolce and it provides floral notes sweetened with creamy almonds, warmed with warm resins and musk. Its composition follows previous editions with key floral notes delicately sweetened with almond sand fruit, creating fine gourmand effect. The feminine heart accentuates white flowers and almond blossom, resting on amber, tonka and white musk cuddling the skin with warm and sensual aromas. Perfumers of the edition are Jean-Claude Astier and Geoffrey Nejman (co-founder of the brand).
Fragrance Ananda Dolce comes in a luxurious metallic pink flacon decorated with Swarovski crystals, created by Martine Micallef as 30 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

This is a niche perfume and I love the individuality of it. Guaranteed when wearing this, you will be one of a lucky few!

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