Friday, May 15, 2015

Murad Spa in El Segundo CA: best facial and spa experience ever

Hi ya Gorgeous!

One day left til #MayBreakthrough in Hollywood CA! So excited!

I arrived yesterday to start tying up loose ends and finish final details for the event and had the opportunity to enjoy the Murad Spa in El Segundo CA.

Talk about amazing! Perfect way to start my weekend and wrap up my birthday celebrations!

Special thank you to Ashley and the home team at Murad for providing this opportunity for me.

It started with me driving from home in Arizona to El Segundo-in torrential rain! Thank God for the rain, because both Arizona and California need it!

I was greeted warmly at the front desk and offered a beverage. Of course I picked the champagne to calm my frazzled nerves from the drive. If you don't want champagne, there is also infused water or warm tea to choose from.

There is a beautiful mix of retail to choose from and I actually picked up some candles and gifts for the team working the #MayBreakthrough event.

Rita, a stunning beauty came to get me for my spa experience. The proof is in the pudding, her skin is amazing and you can't tell her age due to her hydrated, plump, firm skin. It just glows!

The spa service room is a good size, has ocean sounds and soft music. Dim lighting for privacy and comfort as well as a generously  padded table to lie on with knee supports and foot warmers.

While drinking my champagne I filled out a skin assessment profile.

In the spa service room Rita went over my skin concerns, examined my skin  and then thoroughly explained what procedures and products she was using.

My facial was a series of steps to clean the skin followed by the necessary extractions, and then a warm parafin treatment on my hands while Rita did a thorough neck and scalp massage while my glycolic set to tingling and working on my face.

 The Murad Spa offers Youngblood cosmetics. Interesting, I have seen this product at a different spa in Arizona. I've not tried it yet, but I hear really good things. How about you? Have you used Youngblood cosmetics?

 I loved my trip to the Murad Spa in El Segundo, and after the session was over, Rita gave me a "prescription" of recommended Murad products to take the best care of my skin and help maintain the effects of the Resurgence facial I received.

 As I browsed the retail area, I saw many familiar products until I stumbled upon this hair serum? Hmm...I'm putting this on the "try" and "test" list!
 Overall, my experience was flawless and I look forward to returning for Rita's recommended IWR facial. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime book a spa treatment for you at the Murad Spa here.

Then there is this wee video clip with my no makeup face that has been freshly cleansed by Rita. Oy. My eyes are so red from driving fatigue and being up too late Wednesday night and too early on Thursday morning.

It's worth it though!

See you in Hollywood!

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