Sunday, May 31, 2015

Generation Beauty by Ipsy: what was day 1 like at LA Live

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Here's a little picture tour through my first day at the Generation Beauty event sponsored by Ipsy and created by Michele Phan.

So, I was a wee touch late in my start. Sorry. Something about the late night before.

 Do you do this? Take a photo of where you park your car so you can find it later?

 Woo hoo! Look at all these beautiful YouTubers! Beauty bloggers!

 Ok. This year is my third year and finally, it truly is a mix of a "Generation" of women. The first year, the main demographic was very young girls, like mid-teens to early twenties.

The second year there was a greater mix, and more of a professional "YouTube' ness to it.  This year?
The third year there were mommas and babies, grandmas, teens, twenty-somethings, bodies of all shapes and sizes and such a collective mix of ethnicities. Truly, a Generation of Beauty!

 So each year I have visited the lines for brands has been different and this year, something new popped up. The "Line Closed" sign. I went by Too Faced for the new "Born This Way" sample-and every time I went the line was closed!

The Too Faced booth staff color matched each individual person and then gave a full size bottle! Whoa! It was worth the sport of bustling through the crowd and checking the line. 4 times total I went by on Saturday and four times the line was closed!

 But in the meantime, the lovelies at Jouer who did not have a closed line had these lil goodies! Perfect for travel!

A girl has gotta eat right? There was a greater variety of food trucks this year and so many great choices too! I went for the hot dog because it had the shortest line.

 So, here is the bag of swag goodies I received at the Ipsy Studios party last night. Nice. I laid it all out in hopes to find a way to organize? The SoHo bag is stuffed with more makeup! Lashes too!

 The day has been long and wonderful. This little gem of a paper mask from Sephora was in the bag and gosh did I ever need it! I'm a bit dehydrated from the tequila and champagne the night before!

 When you visit your local Sephora they will have a large display of dozens of these masks in different formulations and they are in the $5 range. So stock up! Plus this package travels well!

Here I am ready to go to bed! I need some beauty rest!

Before I go, here is my favorite booth: Smashbox. Not just because they are a tremendous supporter of the blog but because there booth was amazing! It was really friendly and there were many artists doing touch ups and I may have forgot to mention that I have learned from past Generation Beauty events to not wear makeup because you get at least 5 faces applied through out the day.

So I went today with no makeup. Then every line I went to was closed! Except Smashbox!

It gets better.

Steven Khan was in the booth doing headshots! And I have no makeup on! He has been doing photoshoots with Smashbox for over 15 years. His work is amazing.

No need to wait and miss an opportunity simply because I have no makeup and my hair looks like a Yeti.
I got a touch up from the Smashbox artist and in to the hot seat I went!

Here is the results! bed for some beauty rest and then up and at it early tomorrow for Generation Beauty day 2!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!