Sunday, May 17, 2015

#MayBreakthrough wrap up! Thank you Hollywood and hello Las Vegas?!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Phew. What a whirlwind this weekend has been! The #MayBreakthrough event was amazing. It was so "upper room" ish. I'm looking forward toward the next Breakthrough event in Las Vegas this summer! Stay tuned!

Now, here is a recap of the event in photos. Thank God the rain stopped long enough for us get together!

The food! Oy! Lunch was catered by Green Leaf Chop Chop! Amazing food!

 The swag bag gift for the ladies was full of NuNaat Brazillian hair care shine serum!

 Big thanks to #CaressSkin for their swag bag gift of the new 12 hour scent technology body washes!
 Now the bags are full, the room is set up, the speakers have arrived and the ladies are checking in at the Mears Center in Hollywood. Oh wow. The air is electric with so much excitement!

 Here I am on the white board getting ready for my makeup less. Truth be told, I started out teaching and quickly moved to hands on and doing as much one on one makeup as I could!

 At this event, these two powerhouses Miss Rachel Elizabeth Murray of Cause Fitness and Brittney Castro of Financially Wise Women taught life changing strategy for body image and getting out of debt quickly!

 I learned from the Ooh La Nicsoise blog about making a "photo frame" for pictures and selfies! Thanks Jessica Kinni!

 My favorite thing about this event is that the age range went from young to mature-this gorgeous lady had so much wisdom to share during the lunch break. Thank you!
 I haven't seen Brittney since we taped a pilot reality tv show for Healthy Divas.
She looks better than ever!

 This was one of the best excercises taught by Rachel Elizabeth Murray of Cause Fitness- the ladies had a blank piece of paper taped on their backs, and we broke into small groups and then wrote something positive, kind and loving on the paper-anonymously-and when finished, the lady gets to read the paper and keep it. Personally, mine was so sweet and encouraging that I saved it!

 Now before it all began on Saturday, Chante and I were out and about ministering one on one and it was so much fun.

 Chante is not sure about Las Vegas. Something about being so busy with the Phoenix Fashion week and yada yada. Hmm, I'm going to have to work on that because I can NOT imagine doing this event with out her!

 Finally, this gorgeous gal who attended won the #NuNaat deluxe bag of products for having the most courage to face her fears, confront loss and make a choice for positive change. Congrats to you Lizbeth!
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