Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kentucky Derby with Mister Pompadour Peppermint Kit: Pomade included

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Kentucky Derby day!

It's usually a day focused on the ladies and their big hats but not so here at the Makeup University blog!
We are focusing on all the dapper gentleman and their perfectly pomade coiffed hair!

 Meet Mister Pompadour!

The shampoo and conditioner are invigorating on the scalp! It's so tingly! The peppermint is a great tonic for the scalp and the scent of peppermint is an eye opening aromatherapy.

Mancub here liked the freshness of the shampoo and conditioner. The pomade for styling the hair was a bit of a challenge to get him to style. He says he prefers a more "natural and wild" look.

Hmm. I think he just doesn't like to comb his hair!

 I took a small amount of the pomade and warmed it up in my hands, making a nice emulsion, and then I worked into the to top of the hair and slowly made my way down to the root. I tried to work a comb through the hair and smooth it-but Mancub is having none of it!

 The Mister Pompadour hair care is made in the United States and there are many choices in the line.
Whether you are going to the Kentucky Derby today or not-the Mister Pompadour has you covered for prom, graduation ceremony, Mother's Day party, Father's day bbq, and summer fun! Get some here!

Now, for some nice Saturday afternoon reading, check out the Mister Pompadour blog and an article on the difference between clay, paste, wax or pomade!

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