Thursday, May 7, 2015

National Day of Prayer: woo hoo!

Holla Gorgeous!
I have a passionate hobby of praying. I love prayer. I love to pray for others. I love praying for someone and watching God move on their behalf. It's the proof that He is a good God, who LOVES you and wants you to be loved and fulfilled in your destiny that He has called you to.

So, in that, I welcome all prayer requests today.
Post a comment or send an email. Reach me by Twitter @Cherelynn or Instagram (cherelynn.baker)
and rest assured that I am fasting and praying for you throughout today.

Because He so loved the world that He gave his only Son for us. And if He can give his son, than I can give my time, my hunger, pain and discomfort, for a wee day, to spend time seeking Him on your behalf.

See, I have a son, he is my heart and joy. I can't imagine giving him up for anything.

That right there. Humbles me.

So please, whatever you have need of, just ask. It's between us, and Him.

p.s. This is what  I look like when  I pray. No makeup. No hair curled and done. Just pure fierceness on the hunt lioness ready to bring down any enemy and pull back to the pride any one that's been left behind.

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