Friday, May 22, 2015

TGIF-Murad Skincare Prescription via Rita and oh so Dagoba this Friday is!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Are you ready for the weekend? This long holiday weekend? It's Memorial Day, time to honor the fallen military and respect those military who are currently serving the United States worldwide.

From my heart to yours, THANK YOU USA MILITARY!

This weekend is odd: it had a full bevy of plans and events. They got cancelled. I would have traveled with my son, but I had the events. Now, in trying to rebook the events/gigs for the weekend, I am getting an inordinate amount of spam! Darn it!

So let's talk:

It's Friday, #TGIF! There is a whirlwind going on! In the meanwhile, I need to be practicing better self care. Enter my Murad Skincare routine prescribed by the most gorgeous gal ever, Miss Rita the esthetician at the Murad Spa in El Segundo CA.

 Now the spa skincare prescription regime!

 I recommend going and getting a facial and a personal "prescription" of skincare because it makes all the difference in results that are targeted for your personal skin situations!

 In the morning, time to wash.Gently, very gently. Rita shared with me that I'm scrubbing too much, using too strong of a cleanser and again, exfoliating too much. I can't help it!

I  wear a lot of sunscreen due to always being out in the sun!So I'm backing off scrubs and only using my face shammy wash cloth in the evening.

So just the fingertips with Murad Refreshing Clean cleanser. Smells so good!

 Next I apply the Murad Collagen Rapid Infusion and top it off with my spf 30 Murad Resurgence Age Balancing day cream.

 A lil dab will do you. I am guilty in the past of using too much product and the! skin can't absorb it so it becomes a waste.

Final step before makeup, Murad Invisiblur spf 30 too! This goes on over your moisturizer and under makeup.

I have used it with my liquid, cream compact and mineral powder foundations and each one Invisiblur gives a smooth even canvas to apply the makeup over. Love!

Now it's time for bed. Time to go back to the Murad Refreshing Clean cleanser, use my skin shammy, and wash off the days makeup and sunscreen.

 Ever since I was a little girl, loving makeup and to the chagrin of my mother-playing in hers, I have been diligent about taking good care of my skin and doing a full "regime" of care each night.

Yes, even in college after a party, being tired and tipsy, I still took my makeup off and do to this day!

 So once again, off with the makeup in a gentle massaging motion with the cleanser.

 On with the Murad Complete Reform glycolic treatment cream. Love this stuff. It does the cell renewal and exfoliating that I was doing before with harsh scrubbing-but more effectively and with greater care for the skin.

Finally, the heavy hitter of the skincare-a really great hydration packed moisturizer, the Murad Hydro Dynamic cream.
I have a regular at home spa date of doing a mask for my face, decollete and hands using the Age Diffusing Mask from Murad.

I'm here to tell you ladies-a regular skincare routine will keep your skin healthy and looking great. It takes daily maintenance! You can do it! You are worth it!

Learn more about your personal skin care prescription at
And call for an appointment with Rita at310-726-0470

p.s. My next visit I am getting the IWR! Stay tuned!
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