Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Celebrate National Lipstick Day! Top Ten Favorites

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Today, is National Lipstick Day! Let's celebrate with a top ten list!

These are my faves and go to's on a regular basis. In fact, it seems I predominantly wear pink lipstick, some red, and some brown.

Well, special thanks to the women of Mesopotamia for starting the whole lipstick craze!

In no particular order: here are my Top Ten Favorite Lipsticks. Why no order? Because on any given day I can like one more than the other, but they all are loved at some point!

1. Boots No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Bare
What I love about this lipstick: this is a "long lasting' color on the lips, that is the perfect shade of just a hint past bare on my lips and I like the color so much I put up with it not being as moist on the mouth as I like.

2. Essence cosmetics Cotton Candy
What I love about this lipstick: the price! It's an affordable and easy to access brand and this shade is poppin'!

3. Gerard Cosmetics in Buttercup
 What I love about this lipstick: the color! It feels great on the mouth and the color is amazing!

4. gloMinerals in Snapdragon 
What I love about this lipstick: smooth, moisture, buttery, and the color!

5. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick in Angelic. If there was going to be 1, top 10 lipstick, this is it.
What I love about this lipstick: the color, the feel, the finish on the lip. I have several of these lipsticks in different shades ( of pink of course) but this is the one I go to again and again, and buy multiples of.

6. NYX Matte lipstick in Whipped Caviar
What I love about this lipstick: I love matte lipsticks that are not dry. This is buttery on the mouth, long lasting color that is matte, but with moisture! Love it!

 7. Pacifica Natural  Devocean in natural mystic
What I love about this lipstick: it's a natural mineral based lipstick high in pigment load, smooth on the mouth, moisturizing, doesn't dry up and peel, and the scent! It has a herbally scent and I love it!

8.Real Purity in Clover Red
What I love about this lipstick: it's a healthy lipstick for the body. On average a woman eats 8 pounds of lipstick a year just from wearing it. So if you are going to eat it, may as well make it a good one. The color and pigment load is high, it's smooth, and moisturizing!

9. Urban Decay F-Bomb lipstick
What I love about this lipstick: The color! This is a long wearing lipstick that came as part of a set with a matching lip liner, 69. It is a lot of color, that doesn't run or smudge, and given a moment to set up, it's a last all day with a lil bit o' touch up. Love it! Sad though, I think the special set is over and now you can't get it anymore. Boo hoo.

10. Mary Kay True Lasting lipstick in Pink Cherie
What do I love about this lipstick: the color! I do not like the weird tube with the slide up case, because inevitably when sliding the lipstick back in the case I dink the top of the lipstick.  This lipstick has a good pigment load and wears smooth on the mouth. And it's pink!

Now time for the wild card...I just received a sample of the new Mally Beauty Instant Impact lipstick duo in Coral/Nude.

I can tell already, I'm going to love it!

I will have a review on that coming soon! Make it great today! Put some lipstick on and it will pep up your step and improve your outlook on the day!

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