Thursday, July 2, 2015

Independence Day bbq and pool party looks with Essence Cosmetics

Hello Gorgeous!
It's beyond weird weather here in the North San Diego area-sure it's warmer than usual, but there are also monsoon like rains and storms with massive thunder and lightning.


No matter. I'm packed and ready for whatever!

I've got my sunscreen on and a face full of Essence Cosmetics and I'm ready to rock these concerts, pool parties and Legoland adventures!

I have an Independence Day manicure on for Legoland in the Essence Cosmetics red polish called Fame Fatal and Space Queen.

 I'm wearing the Essence Cosmetics Princess mascara which is great for length and definition in your lashes-it makes for very 'spidery' like lashes.
 This new bronzer from Essence Cosmetics, the Sun Club matt bronzing powder in either blondes or brunettes is amazing! Such a gorgeous buildable color!
 I've used both and I like the blondes bronzer as a bit of highlight on the high points of my face.

 Then I use the brunettes matt bronzing powder as a bit of low light, contouring type effect.

 These are all of the Essence Cosmetics products I used to make a 'summer day face' that can easily be darkened up a bit for night!

Find your favorite Essence Cosmetics at mass retailers like Amazon, Ulta Beauty and drugstores.

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