Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New mineral makeup: VirginN

Well, well, well Gorgeous,
Time to share about a new mineral makeup line and one that does NOT have fillers and creates a physical barrier to the sun on your skin while being water resistant.

Meet VirginN!

 Here is my experience...

 I'm using VirginN mineral foundation #2, the Flawless Finish powder and prepping the skin with the Anti-Oxidant Booster serum.

 First goes 2 pumps of the serum on to my clean skin.

 It has a fresh scent, silky texture and feels good!

 Next I load up my favorite Morphe brush and begin to apply the makeup, a bit of stippling, then some swirling and finishing with long strokes.

 Here is just the VirginN mineral foundation #2 - no other makeup.

 Now here is the entire face covered with the Flawless Finish face powder to set the mineral foundation.

Ok! Here is the final face, ready for the day and I've got running, biking, some outside yard work, a trip to town and then a whole lotta somethin' here at the house to do.

I will let you know how it holds up.  And now...for the video demonstration and review!

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