Sunday, July 12, 2015

InstaYelp: for the times you need a BFF second opinion

HI ya Gorgeous!
Sometimes, you need a second opinion from your BFF on the outfit or look you have chosen for an event. But what to do when BFF isn't available?

InstaYelp! I could ask the InstaYelp community if they think this dress and boots is too much for sailing?

Do you need help picking the outfit for the first day back to school? Or for your next job interview? The InstaYelp community can help!

 How about, "should I buy this new lace eyelet dress from Max Studios? Ask the InstaYelp community for a yey or ney on the next fashion purchase!

 InstaYelp is a community based review app! Sign up today if you're looking for instant genuine reviews about how you look before going to a party or a job interview or prom or even if you're meeting someone for the first time!

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