Monday, July 20, 2015

Topganic Conditioner with Obliphica Oil from Russia but made in Israel

 HI ya Gorgeous!
I love Mondays!

Today starts a very busy week as I am in full "BTS" mode! I have to get the final details on my Mancub's curriculum and projects ready because we start back on August 3!

So enough of that and on to a product review for you today!

Meet Topganic Professional Collection Conditioner!

I received a sample and I was curious about the product due to it's ingredient list containing "Obliphica Oil".

 Luxurious conditioner, enriched with Obliphica oil, Vitamin E, Natural essences and Dead Sea Minerals. After cleansing your hair with Topganic shampoo, our conditioner helps maintain a healthy moisture balance for beautiful, silky strands. Provides your hair with a soft touch, healthy look and a beautiful shine. Wonderfully fragranced.

 So that is what the website says, but I say, yes, it smells good, and yes if you have very thin hair this conditioner will be enough for you, but for my wavy, dry, color treated hair, it wasn't quite enough moisture for me.

 I'm going to give it a second try and a little more patience because the name "obliphica oil" translates into what we here in the USA would call sea buckthorn oil. That's literally a miracle oil and one of the best supplements you can take!

This product is from Israel and a high quality. I'm thinking next time I will let it set on my hair for a few extra minutes.

So find some Topganic products online at Amazon or their main website, the bottle sells for about $9.00.

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