Sunday, July 26, 2015

Do you need love in tub? Get Cantu Argan Oil Leave In conditioner now!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Shabbat is over and I am back at it. Fierce! With chutzpah and hullaballoo!

 Just got a moment to let you know about a tub of love I have come across.
Meet the Cantu Argan Oil Leave In Conditioner. Pure. Love. In.A. Tub!

Is your summer hair a  bit crunchy? From the Arizona sun while I run and bike, to the sun when I am swimming or just living life outside, my hair is very dry.

The directions say that it is for course or kinky hair, and I have neither of those. I have a thin, fine hair that is weird and wavy. It is colored treated and in the hot sun daily. This is packed with the argan oil as well as some fatty alcohols and glycerin with a dab o' silicone. So maybe that is why this works so well? It is a good fit for my summer hair condition.

Get some from Amazon or a mass retailer near you. I've used this from the ends of my hair all the way  to an inch of the scalp. Love it!

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