Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kipfashion for the modern African fabric fashion and styles

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Today the haute couture world got a taste of what Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld are doing right now for the August '15-'16 season.

Though if your style is fresh, modern, edgy and classic at the same time, then meet Kipfashion!

 Kipfashion specializes in classic, traditional, and modern authentic African fabrics that are sustainable.

Kipfashion retails classic and gorgeous  African fabrics from lace, wax, ankara, batiks, Tie & dye and other African Fabrics  

Kipfashion provides bold African maxi dresses made with African fabrics with the modern European fashion. Make it a maxi dress for a maxed out style. The maxi is entrance making evening wear at its best with hints of prints and embellished detailing ensuring you look good in long lengths.
There is free international delivery and a 10% discount code for new customers.
Wholesale fabric is available also. 

 Kipfashion offers everything from mini dresses, to maxi dresses, shoes, accessories and hand bags in the classic and modern African print fabric.

 Please visit the Kipfashion website to see all of the fashion that is available.

For questions please contact here:
Email: info@kipfashion.com|Phone: +358 40809 1764

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