Saturday, July 25, 2015

Food blog to follow: In Heather's Kitchen

Hi all and Happy Saturday!
I'm continuing on with the "kitchen" and "cooking" theme for today!

As a beauty blogger, I read a lot of beauty blogs-but, I also dabble and peruse the cooking and nutrition blogs too!

I came across this blog
and I think it's worth a share and that you may like it too!

 I was looking for a fresh recipe for dinner tonight and came across this chicken korma recipe! I love Indian food with all it's spicy curry and creamy sauces. So guess what's for dinner tonight! The link for the recipe I am making is below the picture-click on over and see what you could be eating tonight too!

So I think it's time to meet the mind behind the blog!

Here's a bit about In Heather's Kitchen:

"I come from a family where cooking flows through our veins from admiring my grans loving and traditional style of cooking to growing up to my mothers experimental and contemporary touch the inspiration to cook was never far. I found it necessary to find my own style and that saw the invention of IHK to continue the family tradition.

Join me on my journey as I let you into my life through my expression in the kitchen. This is not just a hobby but forms part of our who I am. IHK aims to provide quick simple recipes to your kitchen with a hint of love and family history. I hope to get ideas and feedback from you, as well as hear what you would like to see me cook. Remember if you do try out any of my recipes #inheatherskithchen

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