Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous translucent powder and makeup setting spray: what Lollapalooza & BTS need

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
So the heat has finally hit Arizona! I mean, heat! It's hot. Like our normal hot but it took so long to get here that now I was ready for it to begin to cool off. No chance!

Most of Arizona is en route to BTS: back to school.  For my gals who are going and want to keep the makeup where they put it.

Time to try Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous translucent powder and makeup setting spray.

 Okay, some of you may be going to Lollapalooza and need to keep your look fresh in the humidity and the other bunch of ya may be going back to school and need your look to stay put during the hot day!

 Hard Candy, a company known for starting with amazing nail polishes, now makes a full line of cosmetics and this translucent compact powder which is very Makeup Forever HD finishing powder reminisce in my opinion is a way to finish your look.  Then set it with the Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous setting spray. It really works!
I like them. They worked well for me. I suspect one of these items gave me a pimple but then it could also be the massive amount of running sweat and sunscreen combination?

Either way, check these out on www.hardcandy.com and these are available now at Walmart stores nationwide for under $10!

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