Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cookina reusable grill sheet: my experience

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Happy Saturday.
Oops on the earlier post, I had my days mixed up! Rimmel 25 Hour is supposed to be on Sunday.
So here is the real Saturday post for all my fellow grill masters out there!

Meet Cookina ...

 I received a sample of the Cookina mat and immediately set to using it! I love cooking and grilling is especially one of my favorite ways to make a meal.

 Here I am starting with a fresh load of veggies, some stuff for a dessert and a grilled cheese crisp along with the spices.

I've got zucchini, red onion and a yellow bell pepper (camera shy veg) for the main course, then grilled carmelized baby carrots for dessert and a cheese crisp on corn tortilla to wrap up those grilled veggies in. My spices are taco seasoning, Kraft Italian dressing and agave syrup.

 This is the finished Cookina grill mat. What I loved best about this product is that  I can pour my seasoning and sauces directly on the Cookina mat while grilling and nothing drips through to catch fire. I wonder what Steven Reichlen would say about this?

Well here is a bit about the Cooking mat: sells for about $15 from mass retailers like Ace Hardware and Walmart or online.

  • Reusable and reversible - A great alternative to aluminum foil, wax paper or, parchment paper
  • 100-percent non-stick material makes it easy to clean - easy wipe or wash clean (PFOA free)
  • Fat-free cooking while keeping your food tender, juicy and tasty
  • Holds no odor or flavor from previous use; Leaves marks on your food; Keeps small, delicate food on the grill, out of the fire
  • Made for high-temperature cooking and is temperature-resistant to 500-degrees F (260-degrees C)

I'm going to use mine again with grilled chili dogs...oh yeah baby! And the little ring? Is for making sliders or holding loose foods into a circle shape. Love it! Wish it came with a set of four instead of 1.

Now here is a video to demonstrate my experience with Cookina.

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