Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cellies! No more stuffing your cell phone anywhere it will fit!
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Welcome to me at the Royal Palms hotel in Scottsdale Arizona.

Ah, here I sit in the sweltering humid heat waiting for a phone call on my cell.

No, my phone is not in my purse.

No, my phone is not in my pocket because this skirt does not have pockets

Where could my cell phone be?

Is it stuffed in my sock? Nope, not wearing socks.

I have on occassion stuffed it in my bra to keep it close to my ear so I could hear it ring but it made for uncomfortable wearing and I couldn't hear it any how.

So, where is my phone? Oh look!

There it is! See! Inside the pink jeweled "cellie"!

This power mesh beautifully encrusted with jewels is stretched over my wrist much like a sweat band for tennis players and serious gamers.

On the inside is a wee stretchy pocket with a snug fitting flap to keep the phone tight inside the cellie with the flap sealing shut the opening where you slide your phone in.

I may be wearing pink but there are so many color choices available!
A cellie is perfect for a concert, running, a busy workday on set when you need to keep your phone on vibrate yet still know when a call or text is coming in!

Relax and try a cellie and keep your phone close but quiet at the same time!

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