Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Henna help! & ONE Natural Body Soap
One Woman Chops It All Off for Locks of Love

Total Beauty reader Bradi goes from below-the-boob hair to a stylish bob

One Woman Chops It All Off for Locks of Love

This is a makeover article

Locks of Love and Nexxus joined forces to inspire people to donate their hair for a good cause. See one real woman's hair makeover.

See makeover

Hello friends! I need your help please! The blog received these lovely samples of Surya Henna Brasil Powder.

I have several shades for you to choose from:

Red, Dark Brown, Stawberry Blonde, Golden Blonde and Light Blonde!

If you use henna, here is a great chance to sample a new product line for free! All you need to do is write me with your shipping address,then use the product and take a before and after photo and send it to me with a description of your experience.

I color my hair but it's a mix of L'Oreal, Clairol and some jug of stuff I get from Sally's. I have since learned that once you henna your hair, you can't mix traditional chemical hair color with it-by this I mean that you can't henna your hair this month and then chemcially color your hair next month. So, why not try these for free? Email me already! And to help encourage you please watch this wee video:

Now this next product review is of One Natural body Soap-and here's a lil' blurby about it:

THINK: Clean body, clear conscience.
WHAT IT IS: A calming clean that’s as kind to the body as it is to the planet. Start the day with the refreshing relaxation of ONE Bar Soap for inner and outer peace. With ONE, green living goes beyond the ingredient list and extends to the packaging. ONE Bar Soaps are sold in recyclable, biodegradable paper sleeves, for an eco-conscious clean. With soothing scents and earth-friendly containers, ONE Bar Soap offers a clean that cares.

Infused with essential oils instead of harmful artificial chemicals, the Bar Soap awakens skin and soothes the soul with every shower. Formulated with glycerin and natural oils for a pure cleanse, each soap comes in a 100% recyclable paper sleeve—because true beauty doesn’t damage the earth.
AVAILABLE SCENTS: Just For Me! (the break you deserve), Peace (for deep relaxation), Sweet Honey (a sugary treat), Citrus Peel (for a fresh clean), Blast from the Past (like a long-lost favorite) and Extra Virgin (the perfect fall fragrance).
WHAT IT COSTS / WHERE TO FIND IT: $6.49 Target Stores, / $5.99

You know I personally try everything ( ok, except the henna for hair) and it does smell nice, washes well, and the minimal Earth friendly packaging reminded me of LUSH products but this is at half the price. One small challenge though, it's got all these great benefits except it's made in China and suddenly I'm convicted that possibility of slave labor making this natural and eco friendly product.

I know you will like it and let your conscience guide you!
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