Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OBAGI Elastiderm: just what tired eyes need!

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Brazilian Blowout Buzz

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Oh yeah baby! We are back from an amazing whirlwind 48 hours of fun filled weekend and boy are my eyes ever in need of some visine and Obagi Elastiderm.

The sample arrived just in time to make it on board my weekend party train! Mancub and I at the last minute made a dash for the One Love For Chi concert in Pomona. It was fun filled and prayer soaked, awesome!

Now more about Elastiderm: it's light, absorbs readily into the skin, makes the fine lines plump and makeup: both liquid and mineral wear well over it. So, so far it's been a win win situation! For more info visit the website, and an even better reason to go to the website is to check out Elastiderm Decollette. Yeah that's right-this weekend I discovered I have chest wrinkles. Great.
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