Thursday, August 26, 2010

New how to video: encouragement is beautiful!
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Hey lovely ladies, friends and moms and gals stopping by;
Lately you have so been on my mind and more importantly on my heart. I just feel like you have been feeling sad, lonely, depressed and no where near beautiful in fact not even cute.

I want to share with you that you are beautiful even on the days when your clothes don't fit, your mascara runs and a pimple sprouted overnight.

I have had those days and if you are having one right now, remember; you are gorgeous just where you are. At the weight and size you are-and don't let anyone else tell you different.

You were made in the image and likeness of God Almighty-so when you wonder what He looks like go take a look in the mirror, because He looks like you!

Here's a little video to help you out:

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

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Anji said...

Thank you for the compliment - I needed it today!