Sunday, March 20, 2011

Assai cleansing blend-a way to wash your stress away!
How to Get Sexy, Giselle Bundchen-Like Waves

With this easy six-step tutorial, you too can have gorgeous tousled waves

How to Get Sexy, Giselle Bundchen-Like Waves

This is a wavy hair article

Who doesn't want to have effortless-looking bouncy hair like a certain top model? Well, thanks to Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City, we've mastered the steps to copying Giselle's waves -- now we just have to work the whole perfect-body part.

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Hello gorgeous!

The Wembe Assai cleansing blend soap is cruelty free and vegan but best yet it has a strong aromatherapy that is energizing and fights stress and fatigue!

This natural, vegan, ecofriendly and wild product

is a Paraguayan company that formulates all
handmade products enriched with exotic rainforest ingredients that will awaken the Amazonian soul inside you.

These soaps actually have a stamp of date made on, plus a craftmanship signature and a batch number. You can see me pointing to it!

It smells wonderful and since I have never been to the Amazonian rainforest I wonder if this is what it really smells like? Awesome!

They have a lovely website, visit
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