Friday, March 18, 2011

Soggy hair? Soak it up with Hotheads Hand Dry Hair Towel

Happy Friday Gorgeous!
This pink fuzzy towel is specifically for cutting down the drying time of your hair by hand and reducing the amount of time you use a hair dryer and heat processing on your hair.

It's super absorbent and will remind you of a hair shammy which is very similiar to a car shammy.

Either way you may want to get this hand dry hair towel if you have curly hair to help lessen frizzies.
It makes a great gift for upcoming prom preparations and remember, Mother's Day will be here in a blink of the eye!
Speaking of mother...that's the back of my head as I am setting up the towel to take a picture.

And this is my Mancub who is my ever present helper in all things Makeup University. He loves to work the camera and do the videos while trying all the products. It makes me think that he is going to have a very lucky wife when she finds out all of his knowledge about all things style and beauty!
To learn more about the Hotheads Hand Dry towel, visit their website at and there you can find where to buy one too!
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