Monday, March 28, 2011

Prom style you need now-Purse Flats to keep you dancin' all night! Makeup Tips That'll Make You Look Instantly Younger

Some simple changes in your makeup application can make you look 10 years younger -- it's true

Makeup Tips That'll Make You Look Instantly Younger

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We discovered the best ways to use makeup in order to turn back time (well, at least until we wash our faces) by talking with several top makeup artists who were more than happy to share their expertise. So, if you're curious to see how some small switches in your regimen can make a big difference, read on.

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Hello Gorgeous!

Here in Arizona it is prom time! All the young ladies are getting their dresses, accessories, hair and makeup looks together and I have discovered a secret for prom girls and even brides to be...wait for it...Purse Flats!

What you say? Yes, Purse Flats! The picture shows what mine look like and if you aren't wearing black that is okay because they come in wide variety of colors and even have a special bridal collection! If you look at the website right now there is a page with Purse Flats on sale! And to even sweeten the deal, if you use the coupon code BETTER you will get a 15% discount off of the color you need to match your prom dress.

Yes, those are my feet in the photo: one wearing my favorite patent leather mary jane high heel and the other in a Purse Flat. Look, I love these and will be traveling with them because then I can meet/greet in my heels and slip into my little leather slippers for dancin' or walkin' and shoppin'! Meet Erika Wilson the founder of Purse Flats below, and then enjoy the videos! See you soon at a prom event! Created by shoe lover and businesswoman Erika Wilson, Purse Flats® are a high-end, stylish cure for women who need relief from their heels, whether they are at the office, a formal event, or heading out with friends for the night. Purse Flats® feature stylish ballet flats that fold and fit easily inside a matching leather clutch handbag or travel pouch. These high-quality shoes are made of supple leather with hand-stitched soles.

p.s. Erika is gorgeous!

Now, enjoy some videos:

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