Monday, March 21, 2011

Inventia Gold Mask-plus fish oil for innovative at home anti-aging treatments
How to Pack Your Beauty Stash Like a Pro

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How to Pack Your Beauty Stash Like a Pro

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Good morning Gorgeous!

I have found something fun and funky for you to try in your anti-aging skin care routine.

The Ironman training for Kona in June is taking it's toll on my skin! I'm constantly in the sun biking or running and if I'm not there I'm in the pool...the chlorinated pool!

I've just started using the Inventia Natural Collagen mask. It's made up of native fish collagen and full of nano gold particles!

The solution is on a transparent plant sourced component with gradually dissolves with body temperature and that's how the nano gold ingredients penetrate into the skin quickly.

Wow. Talk about fun! I'm always looking for! Here's a short video and I'll post again in a week to report my results!

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